Patchnotes - 02 July 2016

  • Written by Holocron

Fixes & Change:
! you need to update your client !
Special for Independance Days
Trippe XP
50% Mission Payout
Costumes (Theed Starport to get Rid of a costume /dropcostume)

add Worldevent Theed Invasion
add Worldevent Badge
add new Monsters
add Cleaning Bots in Theed
add Rebel Spire Emporer Spire, Vehicle House and Hangar House to Loottables
add 10 new Droids Types as new Monsters
add new Rewardoption on the GHA Vendor
raise values of Kimogila Bloodraise Payout for Entertainer Missions
raise Faction Reward for Faction Missions
add a new Planet The Lost World
add new Weather
Perals & Crystals have now better Tunechances in FC
a lot of background work

Note: with the patch there slipped some Grafic issues on Client Side in. They are so small that i decided to roll the patch out and fix them later this weekend with a client patch

Server Info

Staff Change

Welcome Toni as new Event Staff member.

And thank you Tiny for your hard work. We upgrade your Account to a full Admin Account

Installed Mods

High Texture Mod
SWGEmu LOD Tweak
[MTG] My Dantooine 2.0
[MTG] Naboo Player Buildings
[MTG] Sytner's Satellite Maps
Music Mod Version 2.1

Server Rates

PVP (only Overt)
GlobalImperial = 1.15 XP
Global RebelBonus = 1.5 XP

Combat EXP 1.5/+50%
Crafting EXP 5/+400%
Medical EXP 3/+200%
Entertainer EXP 5/+400%
Scout EXP 3/+200%
Survey EXP 10/+900%
DNA Harvesting EXP 3/+200%
Political EXP 2/+100%
ImageDesign EXP 3/+200%
Merchant EXP 2/+100%
Slicing EXP 2/+100%
Bountyhunter XP 2.5/+150%
CreaturehandlerExp 2/+100%
Group XP 1.25/+25%
Stored Creaturepets 4
Stored Factionpets 3
Stored Droids 6
Stored Vehicles 6
Stored Ships 3