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[Guide] How to Grind Master Tailor on Revelations

Posted: Mon Apr 27, 2015 11:39 pm
by drenkara
How to Grind Master Tailor
All crafting needs to be done in a group and in practice mode
    1. Stock up on Fiberplast, Inert Petro, Metal and Iron
    3. Get Novice Artisan (100cr)
    4. Acquire at least 4 Generic Crafting Tools
    5. Make Metal Survey tools until you get to Novice Tailor (go up the Domestic Arts tree)
    6. Get Novice Tailor (5000cr)
    7. Acquire (make or buy) at least 4 Clothing and Armor Tools
    8. Make Ribbed Shirts until you get Field Wear 4 (go up the Field Wear tree)
    9. Make Grenadier's Belts until you get to Master

Resources Needed
METAL SURVEY TOOLS Novice Artisan to Novice Tailor (Domestic Arts Tree ONLY)
55 Mineral Survey Tools at 543xp = 1485 Metal

RIBBED SHIRTS Novice to Field Wear I - IV
128 Ribbed Shirts at 1378xp each = 3840 Metal and 3840 Fiberplast

GRENADIER'S BELTS Field Wear IV to Master Tailor
189 Grenadier's Belts at 2803xp = 9450 Inert Petrochemical and 11340 Iron

Fiberplast = 3840
Inert Petrochemical = 9450
Iron = 11340
Metal = 5325

Edit: Updated Items to make and Materials needed

Re: How to Grind Master Tailor on Revelations

Posted: Sun Nov 08, 2015 11:44 pm
by drenkara
Bump for the edit